Courses & Programs

RVS currently offers over 50 different courses in grades 10 - 12.  We have 34 teachers delivering Distributed Learning courses in 9 secondary schools in the Richmond School District.  The RVS Office and 6 of our DL teachers are located in Palmer Secondary School in central Richmond.

Regular face-to-face meetings are required in all courses at the school indicated, except one.

Many of our Fall courses start in September and end in June.  Some courses are first semester only, which end in January, and a couple of Math courses are self paced.

Spring courses are semester courses, which start in February and end in June.

Fast-Track Summer semester courses start at the end of June and are paced to finish mid August, depending on the Provincial Exams.

All Summer courses have mandatory face-to-face meetings at Palmer Secondary School.
(twice a week, beginning the first week of July).

Go to Course Registration for course descriptions.

Location: the school name indicates where the mandatory face-to-face meetings will be held.