Richmond Academy of Innovative Learning

This September, Richmond Virtual School has a new opportunity for current grade 7 - 9 students to join Richmond Academy of Innovative LearningRAIL is a blended, interdisciplinary high school program where students complete grades 8 - 10 through inquiry and project based learning using a variety of digital tools. The mission behind RAIL is to help students find their passions and connect them with the community around their interests. RAIL is a full-time program based on 5 years of running our SKY program for grades 11 and 12. Maybe you have heard one of our SKY students talk about project based learning from a “Most Likely To Succeed” screening or a SD38 event.

The RAIL program focuses on personalized learning which allows students shape the course content to align with their own interests. The self paced nature of the program allows students to spend more time on subjects they find difficult and less time on subjects they find easy. It also gives motivated students the option to complete high school in four years. Students will have access to our District MakerSpace which will provide them with the tools and teach them the skills they can use to demonstrate their understanding of the curriculum.  

 This link explains the RAIL program in a bit more detail.​​