Rail Program

RAIL is a personalized learning program where students have the opportunity to explore their passions and interests through meaningful cross-curricular projects. At RAIL, students are supported in a friendly environment where they can develop skills and attitudes that will enable them to be successful inside and outside the classroom. The blended learning model used at RAIL is an effective mix of online and classroom education which provides increased student choice. RAIL students are also given opportunities to get outside the classroom and participate in outdoor and community activities through extended field trips and work experience.

The Richmond Academy of Innovative Learning (RAIL) is a blended, interdisciplinary, high school program offered through Richmond Virtual School. Our inaugural, grade 8 program starts this coming September, 2018. Students will use inquiry, inductive and project based learning to master the BC Ministry of Education curriculum through an enriched and flexible academic program. RAIL will help students find their passion and get connected with members of the community who share their interests. In our changing world, students need to be independent learners, critical thinkers, collaborators, innovators and contributors.


Why Choose RAIL?

RAIL students focus on inquiry, induction and project based learning, through an interdisciplinary program which integrates concepts from Science, Math, and Humanities. Students explore real world topics that foster independent learning and critical thinking. The students will communicate with mentors and professionals to connect their projects to real world experiences.


Transforming Curriculum

  • Currently, many post secondary institutions and employers are seeking learners with a diverse skill set. RAIL teaches young people problem solving, leadership, and digital citizenship which are the skills students will need to be successful in their future careers.
  • Students learn through face-to-face instruction and online digital content that honours individual student's choice and voice while allowing students to work at their own pace.
  • Student learning is supported by a collaborative team of educators and support staff.
  • Students have access to a creative learning environment with digital tools.
  • Students will gain confidence in speaking with adult mentors around their projects
  • Students will learn more about their own learning profiles and explore related interests.
  • Field trips and out-of-school activities will be integral in to the program to connect students with the larger community.


Our inaugural grade 8 RAIL cohort will be in a blended online environment.

Students will:

  • study Mathematics, Science, Socials Studies, English, PE, ADST, Art, and French
  • use hands-on learning from an inquiry mindset (Genius Hour)
  • participate in personalized, project based learning
  • have access to a makerspace
  • attend daily from 9:00am - 3:30pm
  • have the opportunity to connect with members of the community
  • participate in outdoor field trips and off site learning experiences



Students must:

  • be able to work with computers and learn using digital content
  • be committed to attending all on-site classes and field trips
  • be academically motivated and work well independently
  • be able to create, communicate and collaborate in group settings
  • be capable of working in a flexible multi-grade learning environment
  • have the ability to maintain an effective daily schedule for learning in the home environment
  • value the learning process just as much as the mark
  • enjoy working on projects 


Field Trips

There is no course fee for the RAIL program but there is a $1100.00 fee to cover the cost of camping and field trips. The outdoor education program helps students make connections with the environment and creates opportunities for students and teachers to bond and have shared experiences through physical and mental challenges. When students overcome their perceived limits they feel more confident, experience more success and take more educational risks in and out of the classroom.


Draft Timetable

  Monday Tuesday
9:00 Check In & Progress Check In & Progress
9:15 Humanities: English Science
10:15 Break Break
10:30 Tech-sploration Exploratories
11:30 PE Humanities: Social Studies
12:30 Lunch Lunch
1:15 Genius Hour: PBL Genius Hour: PBL
2:15 Math French
3:15 Online Planning & Tutorial Time Online Planning & Tutorial Time
3:30 Dismissal Dismissal