Student Services

Before Signing Up:
Before signing up for a distributed learning program with Richmond, students should ask themselves the questions below. These questions are to help students determine the level of success they will experience in participating in an online learning environment.
• Am I able to attend the mandatory weekly meetings afterschool?
• Am I interested in doing my schooling online?
• Am I motivated to do my best?
• Do I have enough self-discipline to get my work done?
• Am I willing to work with my home instructor?
• Am I an organized person (or willing to learn to become better organized)?
• Do I enjoy working independently?
• Am I willing and confident to contact my teachers when I have questions?
• Am I comfortable communicating in writing?
• Do I enjoy reading?
• Am I comfortable using the computer for writing and research?
• Can I commit a consistent effort and time to my studies?
• Can I stay focused and "get the work done"?
• Am I good at meeting deadlines for getting work completed and handed in?

Is Distributed Learning right for you?

Before deciding whether distributed learning with RVS will fit your educational needs and personal circumstances, students and parents need to be aware of:

• who is likely to succeed with distributed learning
• whether you have some of the characteristics to be a successful online student
• the expectations of the parent or guardian as a facilitator in their child's education

Based on feedback from both teachers and parents who have been involved with distributed learning around the province, we have listed a few characteristics below and in the Students and Parents section of the RVS web site that are indicators of success in a DL program. As in all schools, we want each and every student to feel successful and to be successful. However, students cannot always accomplish this on their own. We believe the level of support and commitment of the parent or guardian can positively influence student success.

Successful online learner characteristics include...

• Learners who are motivated
• Learners who can work independently and are willing to learn
• Learners who know how to organize their time and tasks
• Learners who have support of a responsible adult to work with them and supervise their progress

Please look over this various links on this web site to find out more details about what the Richmond Virtual School offers and how to register for one or more of the classes.

More information and resources regarding distributed learning are available for students and parents at the LearnNowBC website.