A select cohort of 25 grade 11 and 25 grade 12 students who have a passion that can become the focus of their learning. Applicants need to be independent learners who enjoy individualized, project based learning. Students can apply to the program in grade 12 and they will be admitted if there is space available.


A different approach to learning will be provided which combines Project Based Learning with our Blended Online Learning program. Students will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other students, community members, and two RVS teachers on cross-curricular projects in 4 courses.


The program runs from September to June. Students will attend their home school every Day 1 and they will participate in the SKY program every Day 2.


Through Richmond Virtual School, located in Palmer Secondary School, 8160 St. Albans Road, Richmond.


Many students do not see the relevance in the material they are learning. The SKY program allows students to focus on what interests them while still meeting the learning outcomes for the courses they need for post secondary education.

The SKY program uses Personalized Learning to provide students with the opportunity to pursue their interests through meaningful major projects and internships. Students are given the opportunity to connect with professionals around their interest of study.

SKY uses a blended approach of classroom meetings, project work, and online self-directed learning with modern technology.


  • Cross-curricular projects will involve two teachers working collaboratively in these program courses:
    • English 11, English 12
    • Biology 11, 12 and/or Chemistry 11, 12
    • Choice of:  Environmental Sustainability 11, Geography 12, Planning, Social Studies 11, Y.E.L.L. (entrepreneurship), and more
    • Independent Directed Studies 11, 12 (your passion project courses) up to 4 credits per year
    • Internships/Work Experience  (Grade 11: 1 - 2 weeks, Grade 12: 2 weeks) for 4 credits.
  • The cohort will meet every Day 2, during regular school hours, but on a flexible and self-directed timetable at Richmond Virtual School. 
  • On Day 1, students will be at their home school taking their other courses.
  • Students will be encouraged to choose projects that have a community focus and major projects will be presented publicly.
  • Integrated use of modern technology is expected. Modern laptops are provided to SKY students while at school.
  • Field trips and activities outside of the school will be integral to this program, including internships with adult supervisors.


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