Our Teachers

 Ms. Fung is a self-proclaimed foodie and recognizes the importance of taking the time out of our busy lives to gather over a meal. This has been reflected in the SKY program where every Friday, the class gathers together for lunch in an event dubbed “Foodie Friday.” She loves inspiring her students to come up with creative projects that speak to their strengths and overcome weaknesses. Ms. Fung has a Masters in Educational Technology where she examined student engagement, motivation, and community in blended learning environments. 

 Mr. Fraser’s passion for education and project based learning was born out of his time living in Uganda as well as instructing first aid. A few new SKY projects that he is excited about are studies in clean water and soap in developing nations as well the science of food, nutrition, and growing a school garden. Before finishing his BEd at UBC, Mr. Fraser studied Biochemistry in his undergrad and completed a Master’s degree in Theology. When not working, Mr. Fraser loves hiking, cooking, and playing ultimate.