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The start of the RVS Fall courses is DELAYED due to the ongoing labour dispute.

NOTE: Fall and Spring course registration is still open.

For more information on the start of school in the Richmond School District please click here or check the Richmond School District webpage.

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Richmond Virtual School (RVS) offers courses that will be delivered both online and face-to-face. We offer a variety of distributed learning programs that are taught using a multitude of teaching styles, methods, and technology. Our online delivery of curriculum will feature participation in online and in-person discussion groups. Because students will continue to take regular courses at their home school, students will have access to all school activities and opportunities that they would normally have.  We offer academic and elective courses in grades 10 to 12.

Regular classroom meetings are expected in most courses and typically occur once a week or once every two weeks in the fall and spring sessions (twice weekly in summer).

We have added several new courses. See the New Courses section for more details.

Interested in taking a course at RVS?  Please click on "Course Registration" under RVS Courses to begin.

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