About Us

Richmond Virtual School (RVS) is a Distributed Learning secondary school which opened in 2007.  All our courses are full credit and follow the BC provincial learning outcomes. RVS uses a successful hybrid model of online and face-to-face interaction to deliver high quality and dynamic learning opportunities.  We use Moodle as our electronic course management system. Our Moodle site can be accessed through most modern Internet browsers on PC and Mac computers.

The RVS Team

Gary Chan, Distributed Learning Coordinator

Keith Brock, Head Teacher

Rupi Gill, Counsellor

Julia Lee, Administrative Assistant

Herj Ghaug, Principal

Regular Fall and Spring Program

RVS currently offers over 45 different courses in grades 10 - 12.  We have 39 teachers delivering Distributed Learning courses in 9 secondary schools in the Richmond School District.  The RVS Office and 7 of our DL teachers are located in Palmer Secondary School in central Richmond.

Fast-Track Summer Program

In the summer semester we have 19 teachers who offer over 20 different courses in grades 10 - 12.  Students attend class meetings twice a week during the summer and engage in online activities at other times.  All summer meetings are at Palmer Secondary School.