Fall Semester

September to January

Registration closes September 30, 2020.
Every course is based on enrollment and staffing. Some courses may be moved or cancelled.

Course Listing

Course Grade(s) Meeting Locationsort descending Notes
P. E. and Health 10
RVS Grade 8 Online Program
RVS Grade 9 Online Program 9
Computer Programming 11
English Studies 12 RVS Palmer
Calculus 12 RVS Palmer
Mandarin 12 RVS Palmer
Foundations of Math 11, 12 RVS Palmer
French 11, 12 RVS Palmer
Geography 12 RVS Palmer
20th Century World History 12 RVS Palmer
Physics 11, 12 RVS Palmer
Economics 12 RVS Palmer
Pre-Calculus 11, 12 RVS Palmer
Biology 12 RVS Palmer
Career Life Connections 12 McNair Secondary
Peer Tutoring 11, 12 Burnett Secondary Burnett Students ONLY
Writing 12 McMath Secondary McMath Students ONLY
Career Life Education 10 Multiple Schools


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