Fast-Track Summer Semester

June to August

Registration will open for 2023 summer courses Feb.21, 2023.

All courses offered by Richmond Virtual School, including those offered during the fast track summer term, are full credit courses.

RVS Summer Semester 2023 courses include face-to-face lessons twice a week at Palmer Secondary. The course times will be either 9:30-11:30AM or 12:30-2:30PM. Students are allowed to register for a maximum of two Richmond School District courses during summer (including CE courses). If conditions change, the delivery model of courses may need to be adapted to fully online. All RVS courses are subject to sufficient enrollment and staffing. Times and dates of meetings are subject to timetable changes. 

The mandatory in-class meetings will be twice a week during the scheduled times. 

Meetings start the week of July 4, 2023 

Meetings end August 11, 2023

Morning block 9:30am - 11:30am 

Afternoon block 12:30pm - 2:30pm

If you anticipate absences for vacation, work, sporting events, family commitments, etc. which cause you to miss the mandatory meetings, you should withdraw your registration.

Course Listing

Coursesort descending Grade(s) Meeting Location Notes
20th Century World History 12 RVS Palmer
Anatomy and Physiology (Biology) 12 RVS Palmer
B.C. First Peoples 12* (Cancelled) 12 RVS Palmer
CADD and Animation* (Cancelled) 10, 11, 12 RVS Palmer
Career Life Education 10 RVS Palmer
Chemistry 11, 11B, 12 RVS Palmer
English Studies 12, 12B RVS Palmer
English: Composition and Literary Studies 10 RVS Palmer
English: Literary Studies 11 RVS Palmer
Foundations & Pre-Calculus Math 10, 10B, 10C RVS Palmer
Foundations of Math 11 RVS Palmer
French 11, 12 RVS Palmer
Geography Physical* (Cancelled) 12 RVS Palmer
Life Science (Biology) 11 RVS Palmer
Mandarin 11, 12 RVS Palmer
PHE Active Living 11, 12 RVS Palmer
PHE Physical and Health Education 10, 11, 12 RVS Palmer
Physics 11, 11B RVS Palmer
Pre-Calculus 12, 12B RVS Palmer
Pre-Calculus 11, 11B RVS Palmer
Psychology* (Cancelled) 12 RVS Palmer
Science 10 RVS Palmer
Social Explorations 11, 11B RVS Palmer
Social Justice* (Cancelled) 12 RVS Palmer
Social Studies 10 RVS Palmer


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