Fall Semester Courses

Fall 2023 Registration will open: Feb. 21, 2023

Note: Courses are based on enrollment and staffing. Sections may be added as required or moved to future sessions.


Course listing:

Course Meeting Location Register now!
Anatomy & Physiology 12


Calculus 12 RVS Register
Career Life Connections 12 RVS Online, Multiple Schools Register
Career Life Education 10 RVS Online, Multiple Schools Register
Chemistry 12 RVS  Register
Economics RVS  Register
English Studies 12 RVS  Register
Foundations of Math & Pre-Calculus 10 RVS Register
Foundations of Math 11 RVS Register
Foundations of Math 12 RVS Register
French 11 RVS Register
French 12 RVS Register
Geography 12 RVS Register
Mandarin 12 RVS Register
Peer Tutoring 11/12 Multiple Schools Register
Physics 11 RVS Register
Physics 12 RVS Register
Pre-Calculus 11 RVS Register
Pre-Calculus 12 RVS Register

* Courses at RVS are located in central Richmond within Palmer Secondary School.