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Supporting Students

There are a number of questions parents or guardians should ask when considering enrolling a child into an online learning course or program. These questions are based on the experiences of teachers and parents who have had children work through online programs.

  • Am I willing to be actively involved in my child's education and progress?
  • Do I check my emails regularly and respond to them in a timely fashion?
  • Can I assist my child in establishing a daily routine?
  • Am I willing to assist my child in organizing daily work and assignments?
  • Can I be aware of deadlines and working with my child to ensure that assignments and tests are being completed and submitted to the teacher by the due dates?
  • Am I willing to check my child's interims and progress reports on a regular basis to monitor progress?
  • Will I encourage my child to ask the teacher questions when he/she does not understand?
  • Is my relationship with my child such that he/she will respond to my support, encouragement and assistance?
  • Am I willing to discuss and encourage my child's progress?
  • Can I provide a positive learning environment?

We believe online learning is a great opportunity for parents and their students to grow together.  More information and resources regarding blended learning and virtual courses are available for students and parents at the LearnNowBC website.