Whether you attend RVS, another secondary school in Richmond or anywhere else in the province of BC -- graduation requirements are the same.  The BC Ministry of Education has a list of courses and credits required to receive a BC Dogwood Diploma.  Students taking class with RVS during the year or in the summer can use these course credits toward graduation.  Follows is a note from our RVS counsellor:


Dear Students,


As the RVS counsellor, my role is to support students who do not also attend another school.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for in-person or phone meetings to discuss your progress- both in your individual courses and towards graduation if that is your goal.

If it is your grade 12 year and/or you intend to graduate this year, kindly contact me to arrange a meeting for a Graduation Plan.  I can email you a transcript if you require as well.

If you need to write provincial graduation assessments (GLA10, GNA10, GLA12) I can arrange to have you write in June.



RC Palmer Secondary

& Richmond Virtual School

604-668-6288, ext 3545


Sending Your Transcript to Post-Secondary Institutions

The Ministry of Education provides an online “order form” where you give permission to allow them to forward your grades to post-secondary institutions immediately or more commonly with your 2nd term report card information in May and final grades in July.   Deadlines for having this complete vary.  Some eastern universities have transcript deadlines earlier than the Ministry of Education can provide them, so you may have to order and mail a transcript.   You will need a BCeID from to complete your PSI Choices form at    Here is a video that talks about the websites used:  Two PDF's are provided at the bottom of this page to help you with the steps.



Need to write the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)? – if you are applying to post-secondary outside of Canada you may be required by to complete this test.  Register online at Cost is around $50 US. See the Career Information Advisor for more information on these English language proficiency tests.   





  • A great starting place for post-secondary research.  This search engine makes it easy to compare various programs offered in BC. 


  • If you haven’t made an account in CLE class, create account using PEN 

  • Take the various self-assessments. 


  • provides current labour market info and opportunity to explore BC based career ideas.  Try the “Find My Fit” link for more self-assessments. 


  • To determine if courses completed at one institution are recognized by another.