YELL Entrepreneurship 12

Get a head start on your future. YELL is a one-of-a-kind program that will help you develop the entrepreneurial skills to take on life after graduation, no matter what career path you choose to take.

YELL brings engaging entrepreneurs, community shapers and innovative companies together through unforgettable learning experiences that will inspire students and prepare them for the real world. The YELL program is offered outside of the regular timetable to students entering Grades 10 - 12 from all high schools in the Richmond school district.

From September to January, students learn core concepts of lean entrepreneurship. Topics that will be covered include:

  • design thinking,
  • resiliency training,
  • marketing,
  • financial projections and more!

A diverse selection of inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders will join the class to share their stories and advice to our students. YELL emphasizes the importance of networking, teamwork and mentorship and during the second half of the program from February to May, students will form teams to come up with a business idea that they will need to validate. They will then get matched with a mentor from the community and work towards the year-end YELL Venture Challenge, where they will present their business idea and learnings.

YELL graduates who complete the program with a B or higher will receive credit towards high school graduation (Entrepreneurship12 credit) and be eligible for university credit through our partnerships with post-secondary institutions.  Students do not have to go into business, and can still apply for these credits regardless of what faculty they choose to enroll in.

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Download program overview: YELL BROCHURE