Blended Learning K-7

The Blended Learning program (RVSBL) hosted through Richmond Virtual School is available for Kindergarten to Grade 7 students. This program provides a flexible learning environment that blends online learning with in-person learning.  Incorporating an in-person learning component has been a pillar of the Richmond Virtual School since inception in 2007, and has contributed to the above provincial average student success rate. 

The RVS BL program will engage students in a combination of self-directed learning and teacher-led instruction to meet the goals of their Student Learning Plan.  During at home learning time, students will be engaged in both synchronous class instruction through videoconferencing (MS Teams), and self-directed independent learning activities supported by a home facilitator.

The in-person component will emphasize collaborative learning and will help to address the social-emotional and hands-on learning activities that cannot be fully provided in the online learning environment.  The in-person days will have a goal to provide connections and foster greater community between students and staff.  The in-person time may also be used to gather authentic assessment information. 


Blended schedule for in-person learning and self-directed online learning:


In-person learning

Self-directed online learning

 Kindergarten to Grade 7

One full day per week

Four days per week


Families interested in enrolling your grade 8 and 9 student should contact us directly for more information (604-668-6371).  Students enrolled in the RVS Blended Learning program will be full-time students at Richmond Virtual School.  Student transfer information is available here:

More information about the Blended Learning program can be found on the school district website here:

*Note: As described above, Blended Learning is a partnership between home and school and the educational program is supervised by a BC certified teacher and follows Ministry of Education learning standards.  Homeschooling is described by the Ministry of Education here: homeschooling.  A comparison of classroom alternatives is provided by the Ministry of Education here: classroom alternatives.

Blended Learning Model