SKY - Student Info.


Remember back to elementary school where you spent all day with the same classmates?

Our school cohorts will be small and you will get to know the same students very well.


Choices of Biology, Chemistry, English, Social Explorations 11, Geography, Career Life, Entrepreneurship, Independent Directed Studies, Work Experience, +...


When was the last time you got lost creating something, forgetting about the time?

There will be time (weeks) and resources spent towards working on projects that address both the curriculum and your interests.


Have you ever thought about what it might be like to be an engineer?

There will be scheduled 1-2 week internships that will allow you to pursue potential future career interests.


Do you have a passion? Would it excite you to help shape something that is new? Would you see it as an adventure? Do you like multi day field trips?

The SKY Program might be right for you.